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spoken love*

I wrote this in my noteboook on my train ride home from new york about my friend matthew, so here it goes

what your lips would taste of if only my soft lips could be presented with the touch of your own, you are a soul like no other my mate filled of mystery yet i know every skeleton that fills your closet. I hold your keys that open every door inside of your existance, would i be your world if you would let me be, or am i already? I want to awake inside of your arms, i want to stare into your captivating eyes for hours. I want to reach the depths of bliss with you, i want to make love with our bodys and not
just our words. Could i one day be your one and only, could my dreams of you one day become reality, could our passions combine, out minds could intertwine to become one, this fire could ignite an ever so chilling warmth within us. Our eyes lost inside. we could become one
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that is sucha beautiful poem i love it thanks for joining i love the subaru you gotta checki ti out it is and awsome car well bye
thank you so much, i was pleased with the poem, no problem in joining, sorry i kept not being able to talk on the phone, i hope you're ok, how was the flick?