violetmonk (violetmonk) wrote in moon_poetry,

what you don't realize about yourself

i think that when i finally commit to wed death as i have promised
and i send a 5.7mm dovetail green round through my skull
that i will consider your poetry a lullaby as comforting in that aftermathematical realm of the lost cognizance of dreams
as knowledge of the utter defeat of all possible enemies in this life might've been

that should say of my fatal self destructive culmination that, like Christ, I COMPLETED my mission and witnessed the heinous nature of what's been done here and what's provided in mankind, and my soul's expiration and alleviation might be like a harbringer of sulfiruc acid fire comets from heaven to rain down all over 'civilization' as with Soddom and Gamorrah

lullaby blanket poem whispers
removing the satanic frost of petrification from my soul
which will linger no longer those days above graves
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